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International Eaglets

This May saw academics from across the Russian federation gathered together on the Black Sea coast to exchange opinions on the issue: Forming the values of tolerance among teenagers in temporary poly-cultural associations. These discussions took place at the annual All-Russia Children's Centers practical science conference Orlenok (eaglet).

Russia is a multiethnic country with a wide variety of cultures and customs. Children from all over Russia attended the Eaglet conference, which was opened by its General Director Alexander Dzheus and his first assistant Irina Romanets.

Over the course of the conference numerous round table discussions were held and various guests and teachers gave workshops and master classes. Distinguished guests of the conference included professor G.S.Denisov, head of the youth sociology faculty at Moscow State University, N.L.Smakotina, Chairman of the board of The European House of International Children's Co-operation and V.A.Prihodko.

The issues discussed included the problems of socialization in the cultures of Northern Caucasian peoples and its influence on interpersonal relations, tolerant consciousness and the issue of conflict management. Organizers did not forget the importance of incorporating games and other fun activities into the program; there has recently been a great deal of interest in the ability of game technologies to encourage tolerant interaction among teenagers.

This conference has enabled us to analyse both the successes and failures of our center and has suggested ways of further development. We are very happy that this conference has been such a positive event and we hope that it will be useful to the future management of pedagogical processes and will help to strengthen public structures, Alexander Dzheus commented.

Source: Kuban Info


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