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National situation in Siberia is favourable.

The region of the world with the fewest international conflicts is Siberia. Thus stated the director of Moscow Centre for Interethnic Cooperation to the council of the representatives of the Krasnoyarsk region. Ashot Ayrapetyan shared his experience in developing tolerance within youth groups, with his regional associates. He noted that only the Siberian region has a program to help migrants adapt. There is no greater programme in any other region. It is also important at this time to foster the spirit of internationalism. This is the primary task of each international center of the country and region.

Ashot Ayrapetyan, the director of the Moscow Center of Interethnic Cooperation: cultural differences are seen as aggression, or the absence of intellect, stereotypes are then created, from which aggression arises, and it arises in a negative role. The better we are know each other, the less we fear each other and we become more certain that people are prepared to work together to make the region and the country more wealthy and stable.



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