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From now on Russia will fight against Racism and Xenophobia, declared Putin

From now on Russia will fight against racism and xenophobia, declared President Vladimir Putin during an internet conference.

These developments are extremely dangerous to Russia as the Russian Federation is a multinational state. And if we dont reject these views accordingly, it will undermine the very foundation of our nation. We, certainly, will fight the president said.

According to President Putin, this phenomenon occurs because of many factors.

The great inflow of immigrants coupled with the local populations fear that the government does not do sufficiently to protect their interest he said, is a major factor.

Vladimir Putin mentioned that these problems should and will be solved consistently at a legislative level and with the help of law enforcement bodies. At the same time he has noted, that it is not enough of it.

"We are aware, that we need to engage in educational work, and it is necessary to work with young people" he also said.

"However, any extreme displays, any activities outside of the scope of the current legislation will be pursued in the criminal order the president of Russia emphasized.

Source: News@Webdigest.ru
Issued by: Moscow Bureau of Human Rights


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