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In Pense a mosque was desecrated

In Pense unknown individuals desecrated a mosque. As the regional militia department of the Pense Region declared, last night unknown individuals threw a cobblestone through a window of the mosque. Luckily, none of the people in the building was hurt, but a part of the inner decoration was broken.

The investigators from the railway department of the regional militia department arrived on the scene at the request Yusif Kuraev, Imam of the Pense mosque. They found the graffiti Long live the Russians! on a wall of the mosque. The request about investigation has been registered and passed on to examination.

The mosque was built about 120 years ago. In Soviet times it was used as a dwelling, but in 1994 religious services were recommenced there. 86,000 Tatars live in the Pense region, making up about 6% of the regions 1.5 million inhabitants. The 61st Muslim congregation is based in this region.

Source: tatarlar.ru


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