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In Irkutsk the Train of Friendship from the Chechen Republic had a stopover

On August 19th the Train of Friendship from the Chechen Republic, which visits various regions of Russia, arrived in Irkutsk. At the station representatives of the Irkutsk Region Administration and the regions Chechen-Ingushetian cultural center Vaynakh welcomed the Chechen delegation, as well as the Chechen prime minister, Sergei Abramov, who had arrived in Irkutsk a bit earlier. 80 people arrived on this Train of Friendship, among them representatives of the Chechen government, cultural activists and artists, journalists and the Chechenski sled (Chechen footprint) team from the famous TV show KVN.

The train started its trip in the Far East and so far has visited seven (of the planned 22) subjects of the Russian Federation. The Irkutsk Region is the eighth region on the list. Here the composition of the Chechen delegation changed in two days the arrived guests will leave for Grozny and their colleagues, who have arrived by plane, will replace them and continue the journey to Western Siberia.

This train is a good and necessary thing, the deputy chairman of the Chechen-Ingushetian cultural center Vaynakh, Salman Zakirev, said when meeting the delegation. It is a possibility to scatter negative myths about Chechnya which are, voluntarily or involuntarily, being created in the Russian society.

In Irkutsk the delegation carried launched the new folklore collection Chechen national poetry of the 19th/20th century. A hundred copies were given to libraries in the region. An exhibition with photographs and childrens paintings was opened in the foyer of the Irkutsk Region Philharmonic Society. The local Chechen historian Aindi Saltymuratov presented his collection of antique objects. On August 20th in the evening in the concert hall of the philharmonics a gala concert with performances of artists from Chechnya and the Irkutsk Region took place. The world famous state ensemble Vaynakh performed national Caucasian dances. On August 21st the Train of Friendship moved on to Krasnoyarsk.

Governor Boris Govorin and the head of the Chechen government, Sergei Abramov, signed an agreement on friendship and cooperation. The parties had previously met and discussed further economic, social and cultural cooperation of the two regions. As Sergei Abramov remarked, the main thing is that the wishes and possibilities of both regions match. According to the words of the first deputy governor Aleksandr Bitarov, neighbourly relations between the two regions have existed for a long time already: the Irkutsk Region and Chechnya are partners in many fields of activity.

Sergei Abramov, head of the Chechen government, said:

We work actively in the construction sphere. Your institutes project houses for us. This is just the beginning of a joint way. The big potential of the Irkutsk Region is not only beneficial for Chechnya, but for the whole Russian people.

This all-Russian cultural-informational action started on July 22nd and is going to take place in 22 cities of Russia. Before its arrival in Krasnoyarsk the Train of Friendship had visited Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Birobidzhan, Blagoveshchensk, Chit, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk. At the moment the delegation is composed of representatives of the Ministry for Economical Development and Trade, the Ministry for Education and Science, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, journalists, soloists from the Chechen Philharmonic Society and the famous ensemble Vaynakh.


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