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The Sixth Session of the UN Council on Human Rights Takes Place in Geneva

On Monday in Geneva the Sixth Session of the UN Council on Human Rights began, and will continue until September 29. Those who are taking part in the session will discuss the human rights situation in problem countries, and they will also confirm the manuscripts which are used for conducting periodic surveys, confirms the UN news center.

As it is known, the mechanism of universal periodic surveys located in the sphere of universal human rights has become central to the work of the council, which replaced a council of the same name. At the previous session the Council members agreed on the principles and conditions of the aforementioned survey. They will be carried out annually in the countries which were chosen by the Council for the period of one to two years.

Session participants resolved to maintain the institute of special reporters who will carry out a constant observation of the situation in so-called problem countries. At the fifth session of the Council, Belarus and Cuba were excluded from the list. Those countries currently under observance are Sudan, Myanmar, Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Haiti.

At the Councils sixth session on Thursday, the annual report of the High Commissioner to the UN on human rights will be examined. Special attention will be given to questions of racial discrimination and xenophobia

Source: Press-uz.info


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