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Moscow: Authorities don’t permit fascist festival in the capital

On October 9th in the club “Estacada” on the Ryazanskiy prospect, Moscow, a real festival of fascist rock groups should have taken place. Bands, which propagate the ideas of Nazism in their songs, came from allover the country.

The authorities changed their mind in the last moment and cancelled the concert. The official cause were complaints of local inhabitants to the rayon prefecture.

The non-official cause: officials and police were afraid that the events of two weeks before could repeat. After the concert of the fascist group “DIV” a group of young people assaulted three Tadzhiks in the metro.

The authorities decided to cancel the fascist concert only on October 8th (the festival was planned to start on Saturday, October 9th). On the door of the Cultural Center “40th jubilee of October”, where the club “Estacada” is situated, a corresponding announcement was put up, (…)

Meanwhile at five o’clock in the evening quite a large group of people gathered next to the club. When they saw two busses of the OMON (special unity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) parking in the yard, the shaved-headed young people, dressed up with blue jeans and army boots, quietly turned around and went to the metro.

“He isn’t even afraid”, offended one of the skins a Caucasian who worked in the pedestrian subway. “If there were no police, we would deal with you.”

The venue was really well chosen. From the road bridge on Ryazanskiy prospect the tumbledown building of the cultural center is practically invisible; and the place is only surrounded by some garages.

In fact, as the local authorities confess, there has never been an official permission for the concert.

“We got to know about the fascist concert only from the press”, was announced to “Izvestia” by the prefecture of the South East district. “When the prefect got to know, that it is prepared close by, he was simply shocked. The matter is that no one of us ever gave a permission to carry out this concert. The room was rent by other persons, and was then rent for the concert through middlemen. So it becomes clear that we couldn’t give a permission.”

Meanwhile, as “Izvestia” found out, beside the prefecture everyone knew about the concert. Bills were posted allover the city, and on fascist websites the concert was discussed already some weeks before. Besides, the names of the bands, which should play at the concert, themselves give proof that the concert on Saturday would be sold out.

For Russian fascists NOKTURNAL MORTUM from Kharkov, SVARGA from Kiev, VELIMOR from Tula and M8L8TX from Tver are cult bands, and a concert of each of these bands always take place at full house. In the opinion of music critics, it is sufficient to listen to the texts of one of these bands to understand which ideas the musicians are propagating.

“We got complaints about the concert from the population”, “Izvestia” was informed by the Administration of Internal Affairs of the South East district on Friday. “We immediately took measures. We informed the prefecture and worked out special measures for Saturday. Nothing could have left unexpected”.

On Saturday, on Ryazansky Prospekt there was actually no disorder. But the mere number of teenagers who came to see the concert and who believe in the same ideology as the musicians themselves is frightening.

In private conversations with the correspondent of “Izvestia” members of the prefecture of the South East district announced that the order to cancel the concert came from the city administration, though. The Moscow functionaries got a good telling-off by the mayor for permitting a fascist concert two weeks ago, when skinheads committed a pogrom in the Moscow metro.

We remind of the incident, which occurred on Saturday, September 18th: Some dozens of skinheads on their way back from concert of the fascist rock group DIV, (…), burst into the metro at the station “Aeroport”. (…) In the wagon they attacked three Caucasians. Witnesses stated that after assaulting the passengers they cried out: “That’s for the terrorist attacks.” (…) three of the assaulters were catched: an 11th grade schoolgirl from the Moscow region, a 17 year old student and a 14 year old pupil, both from Moscow. The teenagers were arrested.

First the case was named in the usual manner as “hooliganism”, but then the Moscow office of public prosecution qualified it as “Arousing hatred on ethnic basis”.

Source: Izvestia.RU

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