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Yanukovich: In December an experiment on simplified border traffic will start at the Ukrainian-Russian border

Khar’kov, October 12 - Already in December an experiment on a simplified border traffic will start at several checkpoints at the Ukrainian-Russian border. This announced the Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich during his stay in Khar’kov.

As the agency “Novosti Ukraina” got to know from the government’s PR department, according to the Prime Minister, a working group was founded to put the decisions into practice, which were taken by the presidents in Astana (…). “Already in December an experiment will start, so that in 2005 the system could be put into practice at all important checkpoints”, emphasized Yanukovich.

He does not think that the introduction of a simplified border traffic practice will create good conditions for illegal aliens and smugglers to enter the Ukraine.

"I repeat once more: such a system exists in the European Union, too; that means controls will be strict, but the procedure will be simplified”, added the Ukrainian Prime Minister.

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