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March against hatred

According to an announcement from St. Petersburg, in the northern capital an organization committee for the preparation of the action “March against hatred (march in memorial of Nikolai Girenko)” was founded.

This public action is planned to take place on October 31, 2004, which is the birthday of Nikolai Mikhailovich Girjenko, the scientist and anti-fascist who was killed by extremists.

The organizers of the action target the following as their aims:
  - To attract public attention to the problem of increasing xenophobia, ethnical intolerance, and the manifestation of these attitudes in the most extreme forms including murder.
  - To mobilize the public opinion, to stand against these tendencies;
  - To form similar actions on a regular basis and in different regions of Russia;
  - To create an interaction of public activists, who are able to stand against national-extremist tendencies.

The initiators of the march against hatred invite everyone who is not indifferent about these matters to join the organization committee in St. Petersburg.

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