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Prosecution of Turk-Meskhetins

On October 7, 2004 in the village Kholmskiy in the Krasnodar region at about six o’clock in the morning an armed attack was lead against a Turko-Meskhetin family, which is taking part in a program to migrate to the USA.

According to the leader of the Turk community Sarvara Ispakheva two armed persons in camouflage suits and masks burst into the house of Akhmedovs early in the morning, as soon as the children had opened the door, ready for school.

The children were flogged into the sleeping room; and as the mother Viktoria cried out in horror, a pistol with a muffler was held to her chest, she was told to be quiet and was threatened to be killed if she wouldn’t obey.

Then she was hit on her head with a bludgeon, whereupon she lost her consciousness. The shouting made the landlord Islam come out of the door, asking what they want. The answer he got was a violent punch with the bludgeon.

Islam tried to snatch the attacking arm out of the attacking hand, but he only got hold of the muffler. A few shots went of, one of the bullets went through his leg, and another hit on the rebound a blanket, which covered a five-year-old child, laying on the floor. The child miraculously survived.

Three older children escaped through the window. As a result the victims of the armed attack, Islam and Viktoria, were delivered to hospital.

Viktoria herself appealed via telephone to the reception of the Novorossiysk Committee for Human Rights. She reported, that in the evening of October 6th she had seen a car in her street which had “Cossack patrol” written on it.

As she went by the car, inside she saw some men dressed up with camouflage suits and she heard, how they said that they would patrol this street today.

After tree o’clock in the morning the dogs in the yard, which guard the Akhmedovikhs house became silent, according to the police report they were poisoned. Neighbors heard, that a car pulled over towards the woods.

Viktoria remembers, that she noticed a black emblem with yellowish-golden letters on the sleeve of the arm, which pointed the pistol to her chest. She could take a look and remembers only the first three letters KAZ.

According to Viktoria, everyone is very frightened after what had happened, her children fear to go to school, the family gathers at home and as well tries not to leave the house.

October 7 around 7 pm her brother-in-law got a call from a stranger on his mobile phone and he was warned that if he would show up in the village’s center his head would be torn off and their would be big troubles.

A declaration concerning the armed attacks was forwarded to the Office of Public Prosecutor.

During the past 15 years not one of the attacks on Turk- Meskhetins in the Krasnodar region was taken to court, reports Vadim Karastelev, expert of the Committee for Human Rights in Novorrosiysk. And therefore, most likely the authority will file these cases.

The higher Moscow bureaucracy from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Office of Public Prosecutor, Presidents Administration forwards repeated letters from Human Rights activists about the systematical violations by law enforcement agencies back into the region and everything stays the same, says an activist from Novorrosiysk.

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