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In St. Petersburg a murder of a Syrian student is brought into court

The Prosecutor Vladislav Yakovenko reports that the Office of Public Prosecutor of the St. Petersburg Metro brings a murder of a Syrian student into court. In March 2004, at the metro station “Nevskiy Prospekt” the 21-year-old Syrian citizen Abdal’nader Al’badav Makhamed Mamun, who was a student at the St. Petersburg electro- technical University fell in front of the arriving electric train during a fight with fans of the football club “Zenit” and died on the spot. In the course of investigation a 21-year-old local of St. Petersburg was arrested, who at present time is accused of murder in this criminal case. According to Yakovenko, “the arrested has nothing to do with any extremist groups, and the incident with the fight in the metro is not connected to ethnic issues.”

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