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Hungarian Jewish Leaders Fear Attacks

Leaders of the Hungarian Jewish Community have called on Jews to leave the country on the eve of a National holiday which will take place on March 15, fearing that extremist groups will organize anti-Semitic demonstrations that day.

Tamir Glazer, a student at the medical institute in Budapest, has told the radio station Galey Tsaxal that there are constant demonstrations opposite the parliament building and extremists have distributed an anti Semitic petition in the underground.

Not only Jews are concerned with anti-Semitism, Glazer remarks. Left-wing parties, including the ruling coalition of free socialists and democrats, have expressed concern at the growth of right wing extremism. There has been a wave of anti-Semitic statements and talk of great Hungary and great Hungary for Hungarians . The structure of these groups includes neo-Nazi elements.

Glazer stated They have drawn swastikas and SS symbols on my house. Glazer, who lives 20 minutes from the parliament building also said that This was six months ago and nobody has done anything to get rid of it

Peter Predmajer, the President of the Jewish community in Budapest, has told Israeli radio, that leaders of the community are afraid, that the Hungarian nationalists usualyl organize anti-Semitic demonstrations during national holidays, and they may attack Jews or Jewish establishments.

Source: The Seventh Channel


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