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Skinheads have attacked a Brazilian football player in downtown Kiev

On the 7th of March, an act of xenophobia has taken place in Ukraine near the entertainment center Arena City. 14 men with shaved heads, who called themselves skinheads, have assaulted Brazilian footballer Gleiton Barbosa, a former player for the German team FC Schalke 04.

One of the attackers sprayed a can of teargas in the Brazilians face. The other skinheads pounced on the footballer and began beating his legs. They stopped only when the footballers girlfriend shouted What are you doing, this is a Brazilian football player!

Gleiton escaped inside the Arena City, and the skinheads began lecturing the woman saying that she, a Slav, should not be traveling across Kiev with a black man. As tensions escalated, someone from the crowd called the police and the skinheads quickly dispersed.

Gleiton and his girlfriend Bjata, a soloist in the Lithuanian group Franki, were in Kiev as guests, supporting Ukrainian pop sensation Masha Fokinas disc release.

Source: korrespondent.net


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