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One of the founders of Estonian Night Patrol has died

A leader of the antifascist movement, the well-known photographer Vladimir Studenetsky died suddenly in Estonia. On Friday at about 18:00 the photographer Vladimir Studenetsky, who was also one of the founders of the Night Patrol movement, died in his own home. The cause of his death has not yet been established.

A colleague of Studenetsky, the chairman of the Constitutional party of Estonia, Andrey Zarenkov has stated that he came home in the evening and started to complain of a pain in the chest and a probable cold.

The paramedics were called but he had died by the time they arrived. Studenetsky was 49 years of age.

Studenetsky was one of founders of the national movement Night Patrol. It was created last year to protect the monument to "the Bronze soldier" in the center of Tallin after Estonian radicals organized a number of provocations related to the monument.

Source: www.cpv.ru


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