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Association of Lawyers of Russia Carry out a Seminar How to Defend Yourself From Discrimination

An education seminar for youth on the theme: How to Defend Yourself from Discrimination, lead by the Association of Lawyers of Russia, took place in Voronezh on November 14th.

As IA agency earlier reported Voronezh-Media, the association decided to declare November 2-9 the Week of All Different, All Equal in Russia. The week is in honour of the following holidays: November 4th, (Day of Unity of the People of Russia), November 7th, (Day of Agreement and Reconciliation), November 9th (International Day Against Fascism, Nationalism and Anti-Semitism) and November 10th, (Russian Police Day). In the framework of this week, the Human Rights Activist center in Voronezh operated a hotline, through which one could access free consultation. Citizens could phone in at no cost with any question related to discrimination. The work of the hotline demonstrated that many youth are faced with ageism when finding employment, and very often encounter unjustified arrest and detention. Social stratification, the weakness of institutions of civil society, post-Soviet consciousness and many other reasons influence the development of this tendency. This week showed the tendency of strengthening the development of rights differentiation in society, which occurs especially in law enforcement agencies.

With the goal of encouraging an active civil stand in the young generation, the association carried out a seminar for directors and activists of youth anti-fascist movements. The project received information support from the largest international anti-fascist organization UNITED, in the framework of the Council of Europe project All different, all equal.

Source: Information agency Voronezh Media


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