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Preventing Xenophobia

Moscow, May 4 - RIA-Novosti. Aslanbek Aslanov, advisor to Putin, the president of the Russian Federation is convinced, that preventive work with children is a very important method of counteracting xenophobia.

I think that preventing xenophobia is the most important thing. If we do not have more education about tolerance and preventing xenophobia, starting at day nursery and schools, extremism will increase and terrorists will be better organized, Aslanov declared at the round table on Interethnic attitudes in Russia: historical experience and problems of the present time on Thursday, in Moscow.

We have to understand that extremism, terrorism and nationalism have always existed and will exist; there are always some people, including politicians, who will try to blame problems on someone else, someone from another ethnic background, said the advisor to the president.

As measures on struggle against extremism and terrorism he recommended perfecting race legislation and improving social and economic conditions, as well as the development of a nation-wide complex of programs on tolerance.

According to him, multi-nationality is part of Russias identity which needs to be kept.

The director of the Institute of sociology at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Leokardia Drobizheva, also emphasized the importance of preventing extremism not only in schools, but also in high schools, where according to sociologists the level of intolerance today is highest.

Today migration is lower, poverty has decreased, and interethnic relations for some reason have become aggravated, stated Drobizheva. The main cause of this problem he sees in the growing uncertainty of the population in life, in a future.

Source: RIA Novosti


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