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A Native of Kabardino-Balkaria was Killed in Moscow

In the night of May 14th, in the neighborhood of the metro station Sokolniki, unidentified attackers beat a man to death from Shakushka village in the Chegemskovo region of Kabardino-Balkaria.

A correspondent from the Caucasian connection reports that the 28 year old Rustem B. had arrived in Moscow just 6 months earlier. He was taking care of his sick brother who was undergoing medical treatment in one of the citys clinics.

The murder took place late in the evening, when Rustem was returning to his temporary Moscow residence.

Since the victim did not have any acquaintances in Moscow and was not a businessman, his relatives are inclined to think that the murder may have been ethnically motivated - hostility on the part of fascist skinheads, especially, since Rustem had obvious Caucasian traits. A criminal investigation is currently in progress to elucidate the murder.

Source: Caucasian Connection


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