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Press-Conference “Terroristic attacks will not avoke separation of the North Caucasus from Russia”

Initiated by the Center for Interethnic Cooperation on September 21 at 12:00 noon the press-Conference “Terroristic attacks will not avoke the North Caucasus’ separation from Russia” was held at the Independent Press Center (Tverskoi Bd. 20, Moscow)

Participants were:
Ashot Airapetyan, director of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation,
Kim Tsagolov, member of the Council of the Ossetian community in Moscow,
Shapi Kaziev, chief editor of the publishing house “Echo of the Caucasus”, member of the Dagestan community in Moscow

The press-conference was attended by journalists from the TV company “Echo”, the agencies “France-Presse” and “Regnum”, the radio stations “Svoboda” (Freedom) and “Golos” (Voice) and the newspaper “Novye izvestia”.

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