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Terroristic attacks will not lead to the separation of the North Caucasus from Russia

The terroristic attacks will not lead to the separation of the North Caucasus from Russia. This was declared by members of ethnic communities in Moscow on September 21. The chief editor of the publishing house “Echo of the Causasus” (Ekho Kavkaza) and member of the Dagestan community, Shapi Kaziev, noted that comments on the separation of the North Caucasus from Russia more often appear in Moscow, in the Moscow press, than in the Caucasus, particularly in Dagestan. “It is rumored that the peoples of the Caucasus express themselves for leaving the Russian Federation, but that’s quite exaggerated”, remarked Kim Tsagolov, member of the Council of the Moscow Ossetian community. According to Ashot Airapetyan, director of the Center for Interethnic Cooperation, the terroristic attacks didn’t increase the separatist spirits in the Caucasus. “But nevertheless there are several factors that support these spirits”, he remarked. First, there is a permanent anti-Caucasian campaign in the mass media, second the permanent controls of grocery markets where emigrants from the Caucasus are working. “It is necessary to sue for the terrorists, but watchfulness should not ”, claims Kim Tsagolov. A third factor that evokes irritation among the population, according to them, is the extortion of money from immigrants by members of the law-enforcement organs. The latter resort to this instrument to compensate their too low salary. Responding to the journalists’ questions the participants of the press-conference admitted, that after the Beslan tragedy many people talk about a possible vendetta from the relatives. It is probable that the relatives of those who died through the attack will start an investigation themselves, noticed A. Airapetyan. The more necessary is an official investigation, which must not only involve the punishment of the guilty but a clarification of all causes for what has happened, too.

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