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Meeting against pardon for Budanov in Grozny

As was announced by the agency “Novosti”, in Grozny an approved meeting took place against a possible pardon for Yuri Budanov. The action was organized by several student organizations of Chechnya’s universities. About 10,000 people took part in the meeting. They addressed to president Putin who has to decide about the pardon appeal.

The former commander of the 160th was accused to have murdered El’za Kungaeva, a young woman from the Chechen village Tangi-Chu, on March 27, 2000. On July 25, 2003 he was found guilty of murder and punished to a sentence of 10 years in a high security prison. At present, Budanov serves out his sentence in a prison in a prison in Ul’yanovsk oblast’. On September 20 the governor of Ul’yanovsk oblast’, Vladimir Shamanov, signed Budanov’s appeal of pardon. It is worth to remind of the fact, that Shamanov, as a general in retirement, was Budanov’s direct commander in the 58th army. The Ul’yanovsk commission for pardon affairs did not only recommend to release Budanov, but also reestablish his military rank, return his decorations and allow him to take a position in public service. On September 20, agencies announced that, according to an unknown source from the Russian ministry of justice, Budanov’s appeal of pardon was pushed through.

In their appeal to president Putin the participants of the meeting particularly said: “Double standards are not acceptable, neither in politics nor in justice. We hope that you will not allow to reduce the Russian justice to a monstrous farce and let the murderer and violator bear his deserved punishment.”

Source: Grani

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