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New Attack in Ingushetia: Shooting of a Russian Family

Another Russian-speaking family was killed in Ingushetia on October 14th. At approximately two oclock in the morning in the town of Karabulak, at the intersection of Oskanov and Moslovskiy streets, bandits shot the 54 year-old bus driver Nikolai Kortikov and his sons pregnant wife Zoya. Then, the criminals rushed into the nearby house of the Kortikovs and opened fire on Nikolais 53 year-old spouse Tatiana and the neighboring guest Tatiana Nemova. Following this, the killers headed in an unknown direction to their car, a Zhigula model 10 with no plates. Nikolai and Zoya Kortikov died on the spot from gun shot wounds. Tatiana Kortikova and Tatiana Nemova were taken to hospital in serious conditions. The newspaper Kommersant stated that Tatiana Nemova passed away in hospital two hours after the attack. That edition also notes that although there were tens of eye witnesses of the event, none of them were able to describe the attackers, as they were all wearing black masks.

Source: zagolovki.ru


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