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European March Protest Takes Place in Minsk

The first mass action of the opposition in six months took place in Minsk recently. According to organizers, around seven thousand people participated, and Echo Moskvy quotes this number to be around eight thousand.

In the words of Alexander Milinkevidh, one of the leaders of the Belarusian opposition:

The Europpean march is a peaceful act. We need to show the whole world that Belarus can and wants to be in Europe! telegraph.by, 14.10.2007

According to the police, as reported to RIA Novosti, only three thousand people took part in the march.

AS the agency reports, approximately two thousand people, radically-minded youth, tried to pass from the October plaza to the national library. This route was originally proposed by march organizers, but was refused by town officials. In the region of the Luch factory, protesters were blocked by a file of special police agents, and the demonstrators returned in the asme direction . "" , .

A column of youth walked along the sidewalk and the pedestrian part of Independence prospect, paralyzing the movement of transport. Participants accompanied a few cars and buses with police officers.

A second column of protesters moved along the route designated by authorities, from the Academy of Sciences presidium to Bangalore Plaza.

Earlier, a short meeting of opponents took place at the Academy.

The day before the action, twenty five opposition activists were arrested in different regions of Belarus. The leader of the organizational committee for the European March For freedom, Victor Ivashkevich, said that charges were brought against everyone for obscene language in a public place.

Source: grany.ru


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