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Son of Murdered Armenian Journalist Accused in Turkey

Turkish court condemned the son of the murdered Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink to one year imprisonment. As reported in Fridays edition of The Guardian, Aram Dink, an employee of the newspaper that his father directed, Agos, was recognized as guilty of insulting the Turkish nation. An analogous sentence was handed down to Serkis Seropyan, an associate of Aram Dink.

The matter which the journalists discussed was brought up while Grant Dink, head editor of Agos, was still alive. Agos is an Armenian newspaper published in Turkey, which published an interview with the late Dink where he spoke about the genocide of Armenians during the years of the First World War. Turkish justice considered the statements made in the interview insulting to Turkey. The accusation held against Hrant Dink was withdrawn after his death in January 2007, however, the trial continues regarding the accusations held against two of his colleagues.

The Guardian notes that the sentence regarding the two Armenian journalists was passed down the day after the Committee on International Affairs of the Council of Congress Representatives approved the bill which recognized the genocide of Armenians by Turks.

Hrant Dink was killed January 19th in Istanbul. In July, a case was begun against the assumed killer, 17 year-old Turk Ogyun Samast, and his accomplices. In the course of events, Samast was linked with a radical nationalist organization.

Source: lenta.ru


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