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Anti-Fascist Declaration Once more, fascism threatens Russia

On Moscow the 14th May, at a human rights conference was passed an anti fascist declaration, Once more, fascism threatens Russia. Fascism in Russia does exist. More than 60 years after victory over Fascist Germany, this phenomenom has appeared again in a different form - it is infecting Russian society. Everyday we come to face to face with its symptoms, we see swastikas painted on walls, everyday we hear about the murders of aliens, newspapers and TV are full of xenophobic polemic. Political parties using neo-Nazi rhetoric are every more popular.

The government, at last, has been forced to recognize the problem of neo-Fascism. In a normal country, the government along with society fights against neo-fascism. However, we have some questions for our government

Why arent neo-Fascist marches stopped in our cities. Why do we not see city mayors, regional governors at the forefront of antifascist activities- as is ususual in many countries? Why do the police, to this day, detain people from the Caucasus in the Moscow metro but not genuine terrorists?Why do the xenophobic statements of governors, mayors and government deputies go unpunished?

Why are obvious xenophobes , murders and criminals sentenced by courts as just hooligans?

Why under the pretext of counteracting xenophobia are independent regional newspapers shut down?

Why are featureless mass organizations created and financed, which work against ideological opponents of power using fascist methods. Due to their efforts the word fascism loses meaning, because they do not only call those who use xenophobic rhetoric and inflame interethnic tension fascists , but its become a standard way of abusing any politican opposing the government.

We consider in enormous multiethnic Russia, such behaviour is criminal.

We consider that fascism can only be stopped by a joint effort between civil society and the government. And only mass civil actions can make the government seriously engage in the battle against fascism.Its senseless to wait fro the government to realize this need itself.

We call on all responsible citizens of Russia, who recognizing the fascist threat, to join us and to rise to protection of the world and free will in our country.

We call on the government to take responsibility for the future of Russia and to cease to indulge fascists.

To defeat fascism it is possible. It must be done soon and together.


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