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Participation of Extremists from St. Petersburg in the Murder of the Tadjik Girl could not be proven

Investigation proves that the members of the St. Petersburg extremist gang lied when they took the blame for murder of the Tadjik girl, informed the assistant of the public prosecutor of St. Petersburg, Andrey Lavrenko.

"The head of the gang had the plan that in case of arrest, and in case the investigation proves their murders which they have committed, and they face serious terms of arrest, that it is necessary to declare their participation in other significant extremist crimes whose performance, as they considered, was worthy only to their gangs", told A. Lavrenko to journalists on Thursday.

The detained members of the "militant terrorist organization Borovikova Voevodina", as they named themselves, declared during the interrogations their participation in the murders, in particular, of the nine year old Tadjik girl Hurshedy Sultonovoj, the five year old gypsy Nulufar Sangboevoy, and the Vietnamese student Vu An Tuana.

"The information was verified and could not hold any objective confirmation. When it was proven that the members of the group lied, they told why they did it", informed A. Lavrenko.

"According to evidence, the accused members of the gang, when any significant crime on nationalistic motives were committed not by them, carefully studied the circumstances of the crime with newspaper publications and then left for the place of incident to explore it", he told.

This May, the results of a special operation, which was undertaken during 2003 to 2006, revealed 13 persons who entered an extremist gang and were involved in a number of attacks and murders on nationalistic motives. In particular, they are suspected of murders of a scientist-ethnographer, Nikolay Girenko, who examined criminal cases connected to extremism, a Korean citizen and a Senegalese student, Samba Lampsar, as well as of two murders of members of their gang who were deemed "weak parts", and numerous attacks on foreign citizens.

The ideological inspirers of the gang were Alexey Voevodin (who is now in prison for the organization of an extremist grouping "Med Kraud") and Dmitry Borovikov (who was killed in prison) and named themselves patriots of the "white race" and as the most effective elements of their struggle, they considered murder of persons of not Slavic nationalities.

All members of the gang were charged under the 209th clause of the Russian Federation referring to organized crime. The arrested persons are also suspected of four armed attacks on post offices and service points.

Source: Gazeta.ru
Issued by: Moscow Bureau of Human Rights


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