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Croatian Skinheads Attack Gypsy Settlement

In the night, around 20 skinheads, crying out nationalist slogans and anti-gypsy threats, rushed into a gypsy settlement in the suburb of Chepina, northeast Croatia.

Gypsy homes were pelted with bottles containing flammable mixtures, gypsies were tormented and attacked as they tried to escape. Half the gypsy settlement was burnt down; at least five gypsies were hospitalized, and one elderly woman was set on fire.

ITAR-TASS reports that the police detained two participants of the attack, currently hospitalized for serious stab wounds they received in the skirmish.

Tensions in the area began when gypsies illegally settled in Chepina, and were fueled by local residents suspicions of the gypsies part in the increasingly frequent armed assaults and thefts in the area.

Source: NTV News


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