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Racist Murder By Drunk General

September 27th, 2007. In a neighbourhood of the Octoberist Ustyansk region of Archangelsk oblast, the head of the administration of Spetstroya Construction of Russia, general-mayor Sergey Shirshov pointed a pistol at local residents, descendents from Azerbaijan, yelling you chocks should be killed. He threatened to kill them, shot at the hinge of a lock on one of the houses, and fatally wounded 43 year-old Sergey Karatayev, who seemed non-Russian to the general (father was a Nenets). S. Karatayev dies in Shirshovs car on the way to hospital.

Local residents, having called the police, expected that law enforcement officers would immediately detain the general, but when he produced documents and yelled Ill make you walk like sergeants, they let him walk.

According to the police version, they received a communication about an unidentified person who was shooting a firearm near a house in the aforementioned neighborhood. No one of the group that formed quickly on the scene noticed anything. Later blocks adjacent to the scene were put under monitoring, and statements were gathered from people who could have been affected. In this first stage of work, no clear results emerged. Only after three hours did information arise on the incident of the shooting by Sergey Vasiliyevich Shirshov.

Shirshov was detained and arrested a few hours after the killing. At the beginning of October, he was accused under Item 213 (hooliganism) and Item 109 (murder by neglect) of the criminal code of the Russian Federation. At first, he was accused under Item 212 (substantial disruption) and Item 105 (murder) of the criminal code. At a press-service, Spetstroya remarked that the general has been removed from his post.

Source: sova-center


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