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Petersburg Honours Memory of Murdered Anti-Fascist Student

A meeting in memory of the anti-fascist Timur Kacharavy who was killed one year ago took place in St Petersburg on Monday. Kacharavy was attacked on 13 November 2005 on Ligovsky Street. The following month several members of St Petersburg nationalist groups were arrested. The attack may have been motivated by revenge for an earlier fight between nationalists and anti-fascists, friends of Kacharavy, which took place on 4 November.

One year ago, after taking part in anti-fascist activities (they distributed meals to the homeless) Kacharavy and his friend Zgibaja were attacked in the street by a group of skinheads armed with knives. Kacharavy was killed but his friend was rescued.

The wall of the bookshop near to the murder site has been transformed into a memorial with a portrait of the killed student, flowers and the inscription We shall not forget. We shall not forgive ". On Monday, 70 colleagues of Kacharavy attended a memorial. They stood, holding photos and posters inscribed with Stop murderers! For whom does the bell toll?, No Nazism! The majority of participants of the meeting came in masks - probably, afraid, that there could be skinheads in the crowd who would remember them. At the meeting a fight nearly broke out which was initiated by two apparently casual passers by, they were subsequently detained and brought to the 76th department of the militia. The meeting was observed by thirty members of the security forces.

Source: National News Agency


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