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Local Residents Fight With Uzbeks in Karelia: Two Left Wounded

A fight occurred between local residents and citizens of Uzbekistan in the Karelia settlement of Pindusha. The fight left two people wounded. As reported on the official site of the Karelian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the incident took place Saturday, close to midnight at a discotheque in the Medvezhegorsky region. All who were involved in the event were in a state of inebriation. At present, colleagues from the Medvezhegorsky division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs expressed that this was a cause of the argument and what began the fight.

According to facts from the Karelian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the assault and battery was preceded by a verbal skirmish between three adolescent residents of the settlement and three visitors from Uzbekistan. During the fight, one of the locals pulled out a knife and brandished it.

"Subsequently, the same knife was used for self-defense by one of the guests against two involved in the fight. Both are now in hospital, with their health and lives outside of danger, the site of the republics Ministry of Internal Affairs states.

According to unofficial information, the locals who were involved in the fight were armed with bats, reports Novy Region.

As the Republics Ministry of Internal Affairs confirms, investigation rejects the idea that the conflict has an ethnic foundation. In the words of local residents, those who were involved in the fight had had conflicts over everyday matters.

One of the victims, a resident of the Pindusha settlement has convictions. Uzbekistan citizens who work in one of the enterprises in the territory of the Medvezhegorsky region possess official registration.

Source: inopress.ru


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