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We Congratulate our Friends With the Opening of the House of Peoples Friendship of Perm Krai

The House of Peoples Friendship of Perm krai is the Center of Support for the Activity of National-Cultural Peoples Associations.

On November 16th, 2007 on the Day of Tolerance, there was a presentation dedicated to the public Center of Support and Development of NGOs of Prikamie- the House of Peoples Friendship of Perm krai, at 3:00 in the Colonna hall of the Perm State Institute of Art and Culture.

Among 1500 NGOs and associations exist in Prikamie, more than 80 of which focus on issues of ethnic relations. More than 120 people and ethnicities in the region, the activity of these national-cultural associations are extraordinarily contemporary and have pragmatic implications.

The long-standing and sincere work of bringing about the goals program related to the development and harmonization of ethnic relations involved events which were financed by the budget of the krai. The partnership of the krai authorities and public institutes is strengthened. Under the Administration of the governor of the krai, the Coordinating Council of Ethnic Affairs operates, including the participation of seventeen directors of regional national public associations.

To create a permanent arena for the support of the activity of national public associations and the realization of public initiatives for preserving interethnic agreement and the development of ethno-cultural originality of the people of Perm krai is the main goal of the Center. The House of Peoples Friendship of Perm krai, which was founded thanks to grant funding of the Public congress under the President of Russia, as well as within the framework and the financial support of the krais Program of Development and Harmonization of ethnic relations of the people of Perm krai.

The tasks of the House of Peoples Friendship of Perm krai include the following: to offer consultative and methodical help to national public associations in carrying out events to strengthen mechanisms of tolerance in the population of the krai, ethno-cultural actions, production and technical security of mass events directed at preserving interethnic peace and accord in the Perm multiethnic association.

The Perm regional public organization Russian National-Cultural Society stepped forth with the initiative to create the Center of Support for the Activity and Development of National-Cultural Peoples Associations of Prikamie Commonwealth and in 2006, received a grant from the Public Congress under the President of Russia for ensuring the technical work of the Center.

Under the support of the department of internal policy of the Administration of the Governor of Perm krai, the public Center- House of Peoples Friendship of Perm krai opened its doors on November 16th. The presentation took place with the participation of the directors council of national public associations which are operating in the region.

Upcoming plans of the House of Peoples Friendship of Perm krai are as follows: holding a presentation of the book Talks of Tatars and Bashkir, presenting of the almanac People of Perm krai, the continuance of the project School of Russian language for migrants and organizing round tables related to NGOs partnering with authorities of the krai.


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