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We Received a Telephone Call

Airat Khakimov called us. To the question, which organization does he represent, Airat answered that he is simply an ordinary citizen. He informed us of how in December, representatives of the ideological-political organization Khizbrud Sakhriz (we apologize if the name is not exact, but the telephone connection was not very good), were illegally detained by the police of Bashkortostan. This organization distributed flyers and leaflets with information about the unlawful actions of the police towards people. Representatives of Muslim organizations were charged with terrorism and are presently, according to Airat, being subjected to torture in the Investigatory Isolation Jail Number 1 of the city of Ufa.

We were not able to confirm this information. The only thing that we can say is that to create a political organization along religious lines in Russia is forbidden. On the other hand, in no circumstances should it be allowed to torture people.


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