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Police preparing reinforcements for Hitlers Birthday

In Petersburg 20th - 21st April, police presence will be stepped up on the streets of St Petersburg. Reports RCN(Region news service, in a received report from Moscow, it is thought likely that in the city on the Neva, on it is possible that there will be attacks or demonstrations on Hitlers birthday. Petersburg police will patrol the streets in greater than usual numbers and will break up all illegal demonstrations or violence. Apart from this, to the knowledge of Petersburg media, the police will guard premises where dangerous chemicals and pesticides are stored, which could be used to make expolosive devices.

The African Diaspora of St Petersburg recently called on its compatriots not to leave the house on the 20th and 21st April. These days in Petersburg, there are often attacks on people of non-slavic appearance. The first of these attacks was in 1995, when on the 20th April, an Armenian citizen was brutally murdered on the metro.

Source: http://www.segodnia.ru


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