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Victory Day

Staff from the Center for Interethnic Cooperation joined in the 9th May celebrations remembering Allied victory against Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

The day started out bright and sunny with Russian Air Force pilots at the ready, under orders to repel any hostile clouds that could spoil the parade on Red Square (Is there anything those boys cant do?!). Russias Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov even gave a personal assurance that the parade would take place under a blue sky: "The Defense Ministry can physically ensure a clear sky," he said in an interview with Rossiskaya Gazeta.

However, once the parade was over the black clouds were permitted to roll in. Luckily for the volunteers at the Center our wise and resourceful director Ashot has developed his own solution to the problem of bad weather - he calls it vodka. Thus, thoroughly prepared according to the Ashot-method, the Centers staff enjoyed the street parties and fireworks displays impervious to the bad weather and with a warm tingly feeling in their chests - must have been love for the motherland.


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