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Voronezh skinheads take revenge for verdict

Voronezh skinheads started to take revenge on foreigners for the severe sentence on the Amaru Lima’s murderers. An armed group of 20 persons operates in the city attacking students. According to the police it is very difficult to catch the gangsters, so the potential victims think about moving to other universities. On Wednesday began the criminal case of the attack against the Kenyan student Mzee Asim Abdul Rachman Salim in the oblast office of public prosecutor. Salim was attacked by a group of 25 skinheads, who had earlier been drinking beer on Petrovskiy Square. They started to beat the student, not only with their hands and feet, but also with an iron chain.

A local inhabitant intervened in the fight and saved the foreigner from serious injuries. As a result the Kenyan received only minor head injuries and bruises. In addition, the police arrived at the spot immediately (it’s only 50 meters to the district police department). But actually, the police apprehended only two people; the others escaped. At the Central Rayon Department of Internal Affairs a criminal case according to article 213, part 2 of the Russian criminal code (“Hooliganism committed by a group of persons”) was instituted.

As announced by the senior assistant of the Voronezh oblast public prosecutor Galina Gorshkova, one of the arrested turned out to be not involved in the attack on the foreigner and he was released. Now the investigation is focusing on the second arrested person. He stays un-named; we only know that he is under-age. The other involved persons have not been found, yet.

According to Gorshkova, the police the Federal Security service (FSB) and the Office of public persecutor take measures to ascertain and disband informal groups. “We ascertain the leaders and most active members of these groups. We have also taken additional measures to maintain the public order in places where many foreigners live”, added the public prosecutor.

On September 30th the oblast court found guilty three inhabitants of Voronezh for the racially motivated murder of the African student Amaru Lima. The court gave them the maximum penalty; the three criminals were sentenced to 36 years in total. The local law-enforcement agencies decided that a severe sentence would suppress racial conflicts in Voronezh.

But the severity of the sentences just exasperated the skinheads who are still at large.

A source from the law-enforcement agencies of Voronzh announced that on Saturday a group of 18 up to 20 young people raided a bus-stop with iron chains near the oblast office of public prosecution and the local buildings of the FSB and the Central Administration Board of Internal Affairs. Then the gang moved toward the magazine “Detskiy mir” (Children’s World) and next to it attacked a foreigner.

This was announced to our correspondent by the Central Rayon Department of Internal Affairs, but afterwards the information was disclaimed without giving a reason.

Most likely the same “informal group” waited for foreigners on the Petrovskiy Square, in the same district where Amaru Lima was killed. The leader of the association of foreign students in Voronezh Babai Haikel told Gazeta.ru that a group of 18 up to 20 skinheads attacked his brother in the district last Sunday at 4 p.m. He was on his way to the students’ hostel with friends. This time the foreigners were able to escape from their hunters. Some time later the same group attacked the Kenyan on the square.

This group, which attacks foreign students, was formed in Voronezh. Taking into account the fact that two weeks ago some local nationalists were convicted, the actions of the group might be a revenge on the authorities and the students.

Law-enforcement agencies explained that it is very difficult to face such informal groups. Mostly they are formed in a certain territory: “The kids sit in the yard, drink vodka, think that foreigners are the cause of all problems and decide to go and beat them”. As long as the nationalist groups remain hidden, all places where foreign students live are to be protected by the police. Meanwhile, the number of students who have to be protected is decreasing. The 20 year old Kenyan who had been attacked, for example, has already declared that he is going to leave Voronezh to study in another city or even outside Russia. Some students have just decided not to come to Voronezh.

Source: Gazetа.ru

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