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March Against Hate

A march in memory of Nikolai Girenko will take place on October 28th in St. Petersburg under the name March Against Hate. The marchs organizational committee is made up of directors from the movement For a Russia without Racism, the Human Rights Council of St. Petersburg, representatives from the Yabloko party, Union of Right wing Forces, and other democratic human rights organizations. A. Vinnikov, Y. Rybakov and I. Kucherenko are spokesmen for the action. By the initiative of Amnesty International, information on this act, along with the proposal for its support, was sent to human rights networks in countries all over the world. We call for Russian human rights organizations not to lag behind their Western colleagues and support us with all possible means.

-Alexander Vinnikov For a Russia without Racism

Attention to the Organizational Committee of the Fourth March Against Hate in Memory of Nikolai Girenko (31.10.40 19.06.04)

This year we are carrying out the fourth March Against Hate, which has now acquired international status. We are grateful to international human right organizations in the face of Amnesty International, which has treated our initiative with understanding and solidarity. This bears witness to the fact that the theme which we are drawing attention to continues to be present all over the world.

Unbridled hate propaganda raises an insurmountable obstacle in the historical path of the development of our native cities and the whole country. It is a shameful mark on the territory, dangerous for foreign students, tourists and workers, distinctly appearing even now, and causes both us and future generations shame.

In the area of freedom of speech that the Internet provides, street hooligans and killers have turned up. Their hate, narrow-mindedness and fanaticism give publicity to the leaders of the purely racist Movement Against Illegal Immigration and those who plan acts of terror in the street. There needs to be a barrier against the base manipulation of social technologies, just as there is against pedophilia.

In our country, criminal xenophobia has, for the last year, filled the shelves of book stores. In the book-trading networks of the capitals, the barrier-free dissemination of unscientific, racist and pro-fascist materials occurs. Unambiguously, we declare that todays commercial interest cannot and have not right to put the reason, morals and conscience of the merging generation into question.

We turn to the distributors and dealers of books with a call to develop a code of ethics for the purity of the printed word.

The tendency to separate citizens into native and non-native, the unending confrontation between Russia, Ukraine and Georgia with Baltic and other European governments; and frank anti-Americanism allows for the revival of imperial consciousness, the militarization of society and, as a result, an increase in military violence.

We invite you to join us on October 28th at the traditional meeting place by the Yubileiny sports facility (Sportivnaya metro) from 12:30 to 1:00. From 1 to2 p.m. we will lead a march along Stroitelny Bridge, passing by Kunstkamera and the Academy of Sciences, where Nikolai Mikhailovich Girenko worked, and along the Mendeleyev line until we reach Sakharov plaza, where from 2 to 3 p.m. we will hold a protest. Our irreplaceable slogan is For a Russia Without Racism!

Source: www.zaprava.ru


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