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New Anti-Semitic Attack

On Monday, two students from a Melbourne religious Jewish school suffered an anti-Semitic attack in the Balaklava suburb, where an orthodox Jewish community lives.

Two adult bandits attacked the school-aged children, yelling anti-Semitic insults and physical attacking them.

One of the boys was hit repeatedly on the head, but after medical services rendered their help, he was released home.

In August, there was a similar attack on a religious Jew in the same suburb, but until now, police have not been able to find the criminals. According to the boys descriptions, one of the attackers played a part in the August incident.

The Jewish community of Melbourne is seriously disturbed by the anti-Semitic attacks on the suburb residents.

"We demand that legislatures and law-enforcement agencies be more strict in the fight against growing anti-Semitism. We would like to hope that police take rapid measures so that anti-Semites face judgment in the court of law, expressed Menni Baks, one of the directors of the Anti-Defamation league.

Source: in-brief.aen.ru


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