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Federal Migration Services Assigns Locals on the Capture of Illegal Migrants

Sept 15 2007. In a Moscow construction market on the Yaroslavl highway (where guest workers are hired for work) an action by the Federal Migration Services (FMS) took place. Participating in the action were youth from the pro-Kremlin young peoples movement Mestnye (Locals).

Approximately twenty cars with activists from the movement for ride control arrived at the market and hired somewhere in the order of 80 people. After this, cars drove to a blind alley behind the market where migrants were stopped by representatives from FMS. Hardly anyone possessed the official permission to work, and seventy two people were detained. Mestnye passed out leaflets with an image of an airplane and the words Time to fly south! printed on them.

Sergey Fateyev, the leader of Mestnye, added that they will repeat similar actions. In the process of the activity they stated that another number of measures conducted jointly with FMS are prepared. It should be remembered that Locals already repeatedly carried out anti-migrant actions.

September 17, 2007 FMS director Konstantin Romodanovskiy thanked the Locals movement for its help and stated that the FMS will draw Locals to its work as public helpers. Of course, the people in Locals are complex, sometimes with a war-like disposition. If it is reasonable to make use of them, then they have sense commented K. Romodanovskiy.

If one compares the Mestnye movement with nationalists from the Movement against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), then I would give priority to Mestnye. They are more reasonable people added the head of FMS.

Rights defenders called the action of FMS and Mestnye provocation. Catching illegals is the work of the FMS. People who participated in the hunt for guest workers, in general, had no right to be involved. I consider that our officials, after doing such, demonstrated the incredibly low level of their legal conscience, stated Svetlana Gannushkina, the head of the organization For Civil Assistance

Source: Source SOVA Center


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