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Karelia Holds A Culture Week Petrozavodsk-All Peace

In Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia, people began celebrating a culture week Petrozavodsk- All Peace. News agency Rosbalt-Sever reported to the press-service of the administration of Karelia.

Events will be held from September 17 to 21in the framework of an international day of peace. The culture week will be carried out by the Petrozavodsk administration with the support of the Ministry of Ethnic Politics Issues and linked with religious associations and the center Initiative.

This is the first time that Petrozavodsk has seen such an event. The basic purpose of the event, according to organizers, was to introduce citizens with the cultures of different peoples, assistance in building good neighborly relations and awakening an interest in learning other languages. . The uniqueness of the project is found in the fact that ethnic-cultural organizations, religious centers and associations, owners associations, and educational institutions of Petrozavodsk. AS was noted by the Karelia administration, the project includes events which are directed toward the preventative maintenance of extremism and xenophobia.

A photo exhibition by youth and a school video festival are included in the program of events, in addition to the opening of a book fair: Culture: Understand and hear each other, presentations about Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and the cultures of these countries, in addition to information on bursary and educational programs and work-practicum on Interethnic Competency and Tolerant Relations to Different Countries Cultures. Master-classes in Greek, Irish, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, French, German, Finnish and Lithuanian will complete the week.

Source: Rosbalt.ru


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