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Moscow Hosts an International Conference on Tolerance on December 6th

In Moscow on December 6th there will be an international conference on tolerance. Alexander Yakovenko, deputy minister of foreign affairs, reported this news today. UNESCO will take an active part in this event, informed the diplomat. This bears witness to the interest that the Organization has in Russias capital and the country itself. According to Yakovenko, more and more citizens live in cities and so the issue of tolerance is more urgent. For us, the methods of UNESCO are important, as they embody all leading expertise, he said. If we look at issues of education, they are joined by the initiatives which are promoted by the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, as applied, for example, in the Year of the Family in 2007 in Russia. UNESCO, emphasized the high-ranking diplomat, will be included in the tasks which we, in the country, decide in the interests of society. We have mutual interests with UNESCO, added Yakovenko.

Source: GZT.ru


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