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Foreign Students: We Want to Show Everyone All Our Love for Petersburg

At Marinsky Dvor on Novmeber 21st, a photo exhibition by foreign students from the St. Petersburg State University (SPbGU) will open: To Petersburg-With Love This information was reported to an IA correspondent from Rosbalt-Petersburg at the Information division at SPbGU.

Works of students and graduate students who are participants in the Foreign Students Club at SPbGU will be shown at the exhibition, covering various themes: Autumn, goodbye sadness, charming eyes ; If there are no flowers in winter, we neednt be sad for them ; It is beautiful to dream, in the smiles of the sun, clear, beautiful spring ; Summer- let the stones of the old bridge be carried by hot dust, and the fiery wings of the sun hold high above the Neva. On the tracks of the first photo exhibition, KIS and our activity; the meeting with foreign graduate students of SPbGU; the heart of the University is our trade union!

Jeffery Elona, a fifth-year student from the economics department from Albania, defining the goal of the exhibition, said: We want to show everybody all of our love for the city, which is linked with our student life. Photographs are fragments of our life here, our feelings and impressions which we take with us. We love St. Petersburg and will always remember it, however far away we are.

Organizers of the event are the Legislative Commission and SPbGU. The exhibition will be on display from December 5th in the framework of the program Tolerance, adopted by government of Petersburgs resolution On the program of harmonizing interethnic and inter-cultural relations, the preventative maintenance of manifestations of xenophobia and the strengthening of tolerance in St. Petersburg 2006-2010.

Let us remember that at present, representatives of more than 90 countries are receiving education and performing scientific research at SPbGU.

Source: Rosbalt.ru


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