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Anti-War Picketing in Moscow

     On July 15 2004 in Moscow on Novopushkinskiy Square there was a picket line against the war in Chechnya. Nineteen people took part in this action.

The picketers were holding signs:

War crimes - genocide - suffering - civilian deaths - terrorist acts in Russia - war in Chechnya - President Putin! Negotiating with the separatists is the only way to peace! Break the vicious cycle of violence!
The war in Chechnya is a crime against humanity
Citizen Putin, obey our constitution!
We will never be in the right there, just as the Germans were not in the right when they were fighting us in Russia! - Victor Astafyev
Taxpayer- did you order a tank for Chechnya?
We dont want to be kept hostage to the whim of the authorities
Though they are there defending the Motherland, its still not known what for -- Colonel Yurii Budanov
Who has Ulman defended us from? On January 12, 2002, the director of a school, a forester, a driver, and an invalid woman and her attendant were shot by Edward Ulman, Captain of the Russian Federation. A jury acquitted this murderer.
We stand up for Chechnyas freedom - we defend a free Russian Federation! - and may all imperial dreams die!
Discussion with the separatists is the only way to end the war in Chechnya
Hi from Chechnya (a sign with a picture of a one-armed invalid in a sailors vest and camouflage pants, around whom are situated tombstone crosses)
Today - sweeps in Chechnya, but tomorrow - terror around all of Russia.
By destroying the Chechen people, we are only provoking terrorism. Enough already!
Chechnya - a field of death For what?!
Chechnya, forgive us!!
The result of the introduction of constitutional order: the death of 18 thousand of Russias soldiers, the abduction of more than three thousand peaceful citizens, and the death of more than 160 thousand non-combatants since 1994
     During the picketing around 10 signatures were collected protesting Ulmans verdict.      An anti-war picket takes place every Thursday evening on Pushkin Square (metro station Pushkinskaya / Chekhovskaya / Tverskaya) from 5:30 to 7 pm. Contact: Anna Karetnikova antiwar-club@yandex.ru, www.antiwar.hro.org


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