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Effective Legal Aid for the Residents of Tatarstan

     July 18, 2004. The Institute of Regional Press, with the assistance of the social organization Open Russia and the fund Public Verdict, is beginning a project A Human Rights Hotline for Citizens.

     The goal of the project is fast, 24-hour, and free legal aid for Russian citizens, in the defense of their rights and legal interests.

     Towards this end, the Institute of Regional Press worked out a unique educational program titled A Human Rights Hotline for Citizens. Any citizens whose rights have been violated at any given moment may receive an informational summary about what they should do in a complicated situation.

     Information about the project will be updated weekly on the site www.linia.org, legal experts from the Institute for the Development of the Press will regularly inform the press about questions that citizens have come to them with, and this will also give more important and useful information for publication in the local media.

     These publications could possibly be used for the settling of disputes and conflict situations in the event of extra judicial trials.

     For residents of the republic of Tatarstan, the number is 8-927-625-22-12. Legal expert: Alevtina Evgenyeva Lesnyakova.

Source: the website www.hro.org


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