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British police officers wear green ribbons to signal solidarity with Muslims

A senior constable of Nottingham County uttered an unusual request to his 4,000 subordinates. He asked them to wear green ribbons to express their solidarity with Muslims after the terror attacks in London.

The chief of the Nottingham police also expressed his wish that also other citizens wear those ribbons to support the members of the Islamic community who are exposed to Islamo-phobic attacks. After a series of terrorist attacks in London that took the lives of more than 50 people, a 50% rise in hate crimes with religious motivation has been noted.

The Imam of the biggest mosque in Nottingham and member of the Muslim Council of Britain, Musharraf Hussein, approved of this initiative. The police bought 20,000 green ribbons, which cost them 2,000 pounds sterling.


Source: NEWSru.com


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