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A Dagestan beat his fellow army associate because he had a swastika tattoo

An Urgent Service sailor of the Baltic fleet was beaten up by his colleagues after they spotted a tattoo in the form of a swastika on his shoulder and found out about his neo-Nazi attitude.

As an officer of the fleet told the Interfax agency, the incident took place in the course of the transfer of the big landing ship (BDK) The Minsk from St. Petersburg to Baltisk. There were eight sailors of the Urgent Service on board who were on their way to the Kaliningrad Region for further service. They were sailors who ran away from their military unit in Lomonosov (a suburb of St. Petersburg) in April, due to not following orders, and entered the Baltic fleet, the officer said.

According to his words, on August 4th one of these sailors, whose name he didnt say, entered the common room of the ship with a naked trunk. Sailors from the BDK crew saw a swastika tattoo on his shoulder. Being asked about this, the man declared that he is a skinhead and supports nationalist views he doesnt like any people who are not Slavic. One of the crew members, a native from Dagestan, started arguing with him and then beat the skinhead. When The Minsk arrived in Baltisk, the Dagestani again came up to the skinhead and demanded his cell phone and money as a moral compensation, the officer explained.

However, by this time the sailor had already informed the St. Petersburg Soldiers Mothers Organization by text message that he had been beaten up. The social organization passed this information to the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Baltic Fleet, whose representatives entered the ship and started investigating the case, we were told.

The officer affirmed that a criminal case according to art. 335 of the criminal code violation of rules in the relations between people serving in the army with no relation of subordination between them was charged. However, this is only a matter about one case of assault and battery. Its not like all eight sailors, who already earlier had suffered from relations against orders, were beaten up, the officer stressed. This is not a case of young soldiers being bullied by their superiors, since the Dagestani has been in service half a year less than the skinhead and is one year younger than him, he said.

Yet in this conflict between the young men there are not only facts of assault and battery and racketeering, but also kindling of national differences and chauvinism, which, of course, the public prosecution should take into consideration in the course of the investigations, the officer thinks.


Source: gazeta.ru


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