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Russian Academy of Science: One in Every Four Moscow School Children Is against Immigrants

The Centre of Sociology and the Russian Academy of Science carried out a research project to find out the true attitudes of Russian teenagers to immigrants. The results were shocking: of 2108 pupils from ninth and eleventh classes practically one out of four responded, Moscow for the Muscovites! They asked the following question to every schoolchild: How do feel about foreigners from abroad coming to Russia to live? The research showed that as a whole the schoolchildren were the most tolerant. There were various different responses to the questions such as The person has a right to choose were he lives (30.3%) and In Moscow they might be able to find a better way of life and live better (17.1%). The thing that became the most clearly expressed was the negative attitudes to foreigners from countries that are close to or border Russia.

"Extremist attitudes are most often taken out on people from countries that are close to or bordering Russia; Moscow for the Muscovites (28.4%). Peoples attitudes to immigrants from countries that were further away from Russia were much better. However, there is two sides to peoples feeling about people from far away; on the one hand the teenagers find them interesting from a cultural standpoint but on the other hand they believe Moscow for the Muscovites (28.4%). In the past few years the problem of the attitudes to immigrants among teenagers has become more and more real, said doctor of social sciences Vladimir Sobkin, the director of the Centre of Sociology and Education of the Russian Open Society.

Source: Site Narody Rossii


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