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Project Presented in Krasnodar How to Live in a Multicultural City?

On November 27th in a Krasnodar club, graduate students from Russian universities presented the project Public Discussion: How to Live in a Multicultural City? This was reported by project developers from the Krasnodar Krai public organization of graduate students of Russian universities to the YUGA.ru portal. The program is being carried out with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

"The goal of the project is the cultivation of principles and the spirit of tolerance, mutual understanding and respect of cultures, morals and customs of different peoples in local society: opposition to xenophobia and intolerance, clarified a representative of the organization.

He noted that in the framework of the program, a showing and discussion of the film City of A Hundred Peoples is planned, as is conducting a round table: The Role of Creative Intelligentsia in the Process of Harmonizing Interethnic Relations, a cycle of public lectures on problems of intercultural communication and an exhibition of artistic works City in the Style of Multi-Ethno.

The event Investment of the organization of Civil Society in Opposing Extremism, Xenophobia and Racism in Local Society will complete the project events concluded the speaker.

Source: YUGA.ru


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