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In France vandals were arrested for desecrating the tombstones of Muslim soldiers

Two 22 year old men and a 16 year old were arrested by the French police and charged with desecrating gravestones in Frances biggest military cemetery, Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, informs Interfact. On the 19th of April, more than 50 graves of French Muslim soldiers were defiled by the vandals. On the tombstones Nazi slogans were painted. The arrested have already confessed to the charges, declaring that Hitler is their idol. The trial of the two young men will commence on Wednesday. They could face up to 5 years in prison and be fined 75 thousand euros. The fate of the teenager will be decided in juvenile court. Notre-Dame-de-Lorette cemetery is located close to the city of Arras in the North of the country. That is where military personnel that perished during the First World War are laid to rest.

Source: GZT.ru


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