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Level of Xenophobia in the FSB (successor to the KGB) above Average

MOSCOW, May 18. The Russian police presently have a very strong conception, at a genetic level, that all non-Russian people are hostile to Russia. Fyodor Shelov-Kovadyayev, professor at the Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics, spoke about this topic today on the round table The National Policy of the Russian Federation: What to do about the Legislative crisis reports the news agency Rosbalt.

Among our elite and the FSB, the level of xenophobia is above average, he declared, noting that recently the direction of xenophobia has been displaced: gradually anti-Semitism is becoming unfashionable and is replaced by dislike towards Caucasian people.

Shelov-Kovedyayev considers such a manifestation of xenophobia an inheritance from Soviet times. According to him, in tsarist Russia, Russians were imperial people, were not afraid of anyone and did not discriminate.

Deputy Director of the Institute of National Problems of Education (INPO) Olga Artemenko objected to this and noted that xenophobia sharply increased after perestroika.

Professor Shelov-Kovedyayev proclaimed that one single federal law including the law On the Basis of the National State Policy of the Russian Federation will never capture all aspects of national politics. The main task of the law is to define what under no circumstances should not be, says the professor at the Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics Fyodor Shelov-Kovadyayev.


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