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How to do it in Zhukovsky! Azerbaijani beats up attacking skinheads

In Zhukovsky (Moscow region) something noteworthy occurred. A group of eight young people gathered at the station Fabrichnaya to get distraction. Distraction from their point of view meant the chase after people of Caucasian nationality. They chose the wagons of trains passing through the station for their chase. First they beat up two Tajiks, then one Caucasian. At the station Otdykh they decided to leave the train and get some fresh air. When they noticed an Azerbaijanian merchant who stood there alone, they encircled him and picked up a squarrel. One of the guys hit his head with a rod. But the Azerbaijani snatched the rod out of his hand and made a counter-attack. The young people first tried to repulse, but they were not able to manage the new situation and were almost beaten up either. Policemen came running when hearing the noise and took the young people to the police department.

This story is not only noteworthy, but instructive, too. It turns out that resistance to youth groupings is a matter of the police; however there is still a little police presence. Citizens themselves can resist to young people going mad. Aggression of youth groupings (the aggression of individuals is another matter) is based on the helplessness of the victims and significantly declines, if they are unexpectedly confronted with resistance.

At that particularly personal courage and willingness to resist play an important role. The youth have no access to the friends and compatriots of their victim: they beat up now and because, when some one comes to help, the will be far off (at their Fabrichnaya), since it is more troublesome for them if they are offered resistance here and now. And if the Tajik was offered help by one of the men in the train, their chase would have probably ended with that. And for the future their strive for such deeds would end, too.

Source: GlobalRus.ru


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