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Methods of canvassing in Volgograd

In the Volgograd region the electoral campaign is in full swing. On December 5th a new Governor will be elected out of 13 registered candidates. The methods of canvassing are not always correct, as informs Chorny PR (Black PR). One example is the slogan of the candidate E. L. Golubyatnikov Here we are not in the Caucasus, which is accompanied by pictures showing persons of Caucasian nationality with evidently criminal appearance.

On November 12th some members of the Jewish community in Volgograd addressed to the electoral commission with the demand to call Golubyatnikov to account for this. They also demanded to address to the court for canceling his candidature. Voters qualified Golubyatnikovs campaign as arousing ethnic and religious enmity.

On November 16th came the answer from the Volgograd Electoral Commission, signed by its chairman G.S. Shaikhullin. He announced that the candidate Golubyatnikov received a warning about intolerable methods of canvassing. However, the candidature was not cancelled and the petitioners have to address to the court themselves. In the translation from the bureaucratic language to an understandable one this means: We dont want to address to the court!

By the way, the warning of the electoral commission did not have any effect. The xenophobic advertising spots are still broadcasted in the local TV.

Inna Chizhikova


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